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  1. TikiThorsen

    PCIe Link Speed fixed at 16.0 GT/s, not lowering when idle.

    As the title reads, I notice that the PCIe Link Speed is fixed at 16 GT/s, it does not fluctuate/lower when at idle. I tried various setting in the BIOS and Windows with no luck. SAM is enabled. I notice that on friends computers that it does lower at idle to 2.5 GT/s, but they all are using...
  2. TikiThorsen

    Background field colors

    EDIT: I found the solution: Unchecking "row shading" under Settings>General.
  3. TikiThorsen

    Background field colors

    Hello, I use a dark theme for Win 7 (Placebo Ashtray) and it disrupts the coloring on the fields, making them unreadable. Is there any modification I can do to solve this? Thank you.