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    Add graphs in systray

    Oh really ?!! Let's try to convince you ! :) I use Process Hacker for years, and for years it allowed me to see something wrong, like some broken websites which use way too much ressources. It's not something I watch all day, but if there's a lof of "red" in systray, it will catch my eye. As...
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    Add graphs in systray

    Hello, I guess it's a feature request and it's too complicated, but let's try anyway: Would it be possible to display graphs content in systray icons, like for example Process Hacker (or Explorer) with CPU History systray icon. For now, in systray we can only have text. My aim would be to have...
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    How to display graphs Always On Top ?

    Hello, I can't find a way to have graphs on top. There's an option to have Sensors window On Top, but that's not what I want, plus even with this settings enabled, graphs are not on top. It could be very useful when analysing hardware (GPU/CPU) during Video Full Screen.