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  1. Michael Z Freeman

    Wanting to edit a skin to pull CPU Temps from hwinfo not Speedfan

    Have a look how its done here :  Dashboard 1.8 by OsricWuscfrea
  2. Michael Z Freeman

    Windows 10 Crash

    Thanks. Please see updated post above.
  3. Michael Z Freeman

    Windows 10 Crash

    EDIT/UPDATE: Apologies for any confusion. Rainmeter and hwinfo now running OK. I think I know what happened. I missed a step or something on installation and was running an old Hwinfo DLL (from the custom skin see below) that was then causing some huge conflict. I completely reinstalled and the...
  4. Michael Z Freeman

    Introducing : Remote Sensor Monitor - A RESTful Web Server

    Looks useful :) I can probably pull info from the json using CLI in Linux. But does anyone know of a Linux tool/app to display the info graphically ?
  5. Michael Z Freeman

    Windows 10 Crash

    I just had this myself. Very odd behaviour from my Asus laptop after installing Rainmeter/HWinfo. System shut downs with inability to hard reset. Machine seems to come back to life after leaving it for a while. Then sd card loses mount. Windows 10 again locked up with screen graphics corruption...