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    hwinfo beta v4.33, Build 2115 aquasuite issue

    it seems that the new beta of hwinfo is sending gpu average temp to aquasuite rather then current temp ( GPU core, all four ) 8350 990fxa-ud7 4x 7970s let me know if you need any other infos !
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    HWiNFO32 and HWiNFO64 v4.30 released

    on mine i have 3 temp sensors that always read ~ 100c any idea what they are ( RIVBE )
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    Aquasuite and WMI support

    no thank you for your time and effort, i have aida64 but i dont use its sensors, i like my hw64 !! ill be posting another question in a min about a board you are very awesome and helpful, if you ever have a paid version you can have my monies, speaking of i need to donate, but i am broke atm
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    Aquasuite and WMI support

    any update ?? !!
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    freezes at ide

    i figure it is a driver issue, upgraded my board but have not had time to do fresh install of windows ( would like to avoid, but it may not be possible ) thanks for the helps !~ if it is a driver issue any idea which to get ? Crosshair v formula z [hr] nvm low lv i/o access fixed it...
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    new beta v4.17-1918

    correct thanks for the helps !@~
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    new beta v4.17-1918

    it is not. upls is disabled and again if i goto the non beta then i have no problems. [hr] hmm so apparently i lied sorry about that... i dont know why .... thanks for your helps !~ ( really i shut it off once.... )
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    new beta v4.17-1918

    o i am sorry i ment to mention that. i am a bit tired and i though i did lol amd 8350 sabertooth r2.0 2x amd 7970 ( ) umm i think that is all the info you should need let me know if you need more .
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    new beta v4.17-1918

    in the new beta i dont see all my video card temps @!~ i see gpu0 and all of gpu01 i see is the pcie speed tryed to make a debug report but it crashed my video cards.... it works fine on the official release (v4.16-1900) but not the beta [hr]