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    HWiNFO v6.29-4235 Beta released

    Thanks for your work on the dark mode. Here are a few issues that caught my eye: The contrast of the version number text for "New Version" is poor in the update dialog. The "Your Version" and version number text is blurry. Disabled checkboxes with text labels have blurry text in many of the...
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    CPU offset voltages all report 0

    Thanks for the explanation.
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    CPU offset voltages all report 0

    Hello, I have a Gigabyte Z390 Auros Master motherboard and an Intel 9700K CPU. I am using Windows 10 Pro. Under the Intel Core i7-9700K: Enhanced category, the new AC/DC Loadline and SVID voltage sensor readings in HWiNFO64 6.0 all report 0.000v for the following: IA Offset GT (Slice)...