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    Feature request: show hardware bitness (32bit or 64bit)

    I miss urgently an info about the hardware bitness capability of the inspected computer: This info is so important that it should be listed on the to summary page. When I click on top computer summary then only the bitness of the installed WinOS is shown. But as you know a 32bit Windows...
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    Disable auto-show of "CPU #0" window?

    When I start HWINFO64 the at the top right corner of the summary window a tiny other window "CPU #0" is displayed as well. How can I turn off permanently and forever the display of this window? Peter
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    Firmware version of external USB DVD drive NOT shown

    For my (new) notebook I have bought a (new) external USB DVD drive. After having connected it with the cable I wanted to find out the firmware version. Unfortunately I could not find this information. When I use the "commercial" software AIDA64 the information is shown (see attached...
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    How to view if current RAM modules are 204 or 240 pol (SO-)DIMM?

    In my computer there are currently 2 RAM modules 2 GB each. I want to extend them by more/other RAM modules and need therefore compatibility information. Where exactly do I find in HWINFO if these current modules are 204 or 240 DIMMs? Where exactly do I find in HWINFO if these current...
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    How to disable tiny "Welcome" Screen at startup?

    Whenever I start HWINFO64 then at first a tiny "Welcome" screen is presented. How can I disable (forever) the display of this screen? Peter
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    BUG: Correct number of physical cores not detected

    On my motherboard I have a core i5-2400 CPU which has 2 physical cores and 4 logical cores. When I look at the System Summary of HWINFO64 (see attached snapshot) then then the number of (physical) cores is 4 which is wrong. I suggest to fix this bug. Peter