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    Where do I download HWiNFO Shared Memory Viewer??

    The version with the remote monitoring is in the latest skin on this site. If you're looking for the beta version with the specific HWiNFO config section that updates the .ini/.inc file directly, it was never officially released because the Rainmeter devs didn't like the change. And since they...
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    Several Misc Questions

    Thank you very much!
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    Several Misc Questions

    Hi Martin, LONG time no talk! I hope you are well !!! I just built a new PC and am creating some custom software goodies for it, one of which is a Rainmeter skin (pic below). I'm making it configurable to support both the plugin & registry sources. I'll use the plugin & Pro license, but I'm...
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    Custom user sensors in HWiNFO

    Very nice addition Martin!
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    There are 2 gadgets available on the addons page. One 3rd party (HWiNFOMonitor) which you mentioned in the initial post. These last pics look like the native one. Which one do you plan on using?
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    Hi. Can you try the fix mentioned here? Some gadgets look very tiny, especially on screens with high resolutions. Can they be made bigger? Most gadgets that are included with 8GadgetPack should not have this issue (because I adjusted them). Some gadgets...
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    Getting Started Confusion

    Hi winfo, The measures and meters are in the skin. For the demo skin provided on this site, the skin file itself is located here: "C:\Users\-username-\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\HWiNFO\HWiNFO.ini" The skin measures reference variables which are stored in a separate file. This makes it...
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    Mouse Action to reset min/max/avg

    No, the plugin does not have this feature. Sorry.
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    Backup HWiNFO Sidebar Gadget setting

    Sorry for the delayed reply. Settings are saved here: C:\Users\-username-\AppData\Local\HWiNFOMonitor
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    Trouble loading Rainmeter

    You can do both. You specify the x and y, and they can be relative to the previous entry, or a specific position. For creating and editing skins, you should look at the documentation and examples on the site. It can be quite a big endeavor though. If you are looking for something...
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    Trouble loading Rainmeter

    No, the rest of the configuration is based on HWiNFO and the skin. You.need to follow the instructions here: Or
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    Trouble loading Rainmeter

    Ok, good. So now that the rainmeter application is running, you can double click the .rmskin file you got from here to install the skin. And you need to ensure HWiNFO is running as well, so it can provide the data to the skin.
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    Trouble loading Rainmeter

    Did you install the rainmeter application? That should set the .rmskin file extension association for the demo skin downloaded from this site.
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    Showing Remote Values in HWINFO Monitor

    OK, thank you. I'll have to go back and look where I left off.  I think I had the change to support it OK (C++ helper done), but what I did not have is the "upgrade" procedure so the old format would be recognized as the new format (gadget not done).  Otherwise, users would have to...
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    Is there no easier way to get the information from HWiNFO?

    Is this your post too?  If not, please read this:
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    Showing Remote Values in HWINFO Monitor

    No, I had started it, and never finished. With MS removing support from windows 7, and killing it entirely for windows 8 & 10, it seems most users have moved to Rainmeter which is much more flexible and powerful anyways. Just in this thread, it took almost 2 years before someone asked again...
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    Gadget stops reading data every couple minutes

    What do you have for refresh rates on HWiNFO & the gadget?  Are they set really low? When it errors, its just for that one refresh cycle and then returns?  Or you need to close and reopen the gadget?
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    improve hwinfoMonitor gadget, more efficiency

    Sorry, it can't be done. That dialog is provided by the gadget engine and is a fixed size.  I do provide default colors, so you can set the gadget "theme", and then just update the odd ball individual sensors.  Also, there is a copy/paste feature so you can just copy/paste from one to another in...
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    HWiNFO Rainmeter plug-in graphing

    Yes, sure. The rainmeter measure(data) and meter(display) are two separate items.  So you create a measure using this plugin (the sample skin has this)......and then you can feed it to one or more meteres of your choosing. So you get the CPU data using a rainmeter measure which utilizes this...
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    v5.50 strange message

    Ok , good. So everything is working  fine now then?