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    Strange temperatures Gigabyte GA-Z97-D3H

    What CPU are you running? If that's a Haswell with a stock cooler its looks normal range to me. I'm running a Cooler Master Hyper 212, the CPU runs at stock overclock load around 48 to 52 Celsius. :blush: Oh I see the temp 5 yeah that's got to be a misread. Yeah that V 12 looks a little high...
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    Extreme Temps Read on Nuvoton NCT6791D

    I have the same problem with that same chip on a ASRock Z97 Mother board. :s Its not your board so don't panic. I've been running this Mother board since the middle of May this year.It's a false reading, I'll let the programmers explain why I just don't remember.
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    AMD 980G Chipset detected as 880G

    I know this post is old as the hills.. I've used your program for a while now it's always shown the right SB chipset, SB750/SB710, on my Main board Gigabyte GA 880gm