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    HwInfo Web Server beta testing

    There's a much improved new beta available for anyone who is interested. It's really close to being done now. The server UI is improved, and the client UI now has dynamic bars for the sensor data.
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    HwInfo Web Server beta testing

    Hi all. With Martin's cooperation, I've developed a mini-web-server for HwInfo. It uses a template file to filter and format the HwInfo sensor data and then serves it up on a specified port on your PC. The idea was that I wanted to be able to check HwInfo sensor values (CPU & GPU speed and...
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    Shared Memory Support

    I'd like to be able to see sensor information while i'm full-screen gaming, and i don't have (or really want to buy) a Logitech keyboard with lcd... i'm thinking of writing an interface that acts like a mini-web-server to access HWINFO sensor data. Then I can use the web browser on my tablet...