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    HWiNFO v7.43-5080 Beta released

    At some point recently Corsair was added to the monitoring. I have the H150i Elite Capellix with the odd, integrated Commander Core. I would like to say thank you. The 3 fans, pump, water and the extra sensor I use for intake air temp all read consistent with iCue. It is so nice to have that...
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    Will Not Autostart

    I did not see it in scheduler. I disabled AutoStart, restarted the computer. enabled AutoStart and restarted the computer, no fix. I reset Main to Defaults, restarted the computer and we are good. Thanks for the help. Sometimes I need someone to kick my brain into simple mode to fix the simple...
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    Will Not Autostart

    I downloaded 7.41-5020 beta. 1st time I tried a beta because of the Corsair support. Thank you, I like that. The problem is it will not "auto start". I x'ed the box for "auto start" in main. I looked and it is still x'ed. It seems to run fine otherwise. What did I miss? Thank You Mark
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    Corsair iCue Elite Capellix AIO cooler support

    It's unfortunate you don't have the needed information yet. If it does come your way could you include the extra temp input in the commander. It is handy to know the air temp that is being drawn into the fans. Thank You