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    windows 10 version 1803 (recent version) frozen screen

    Wow, you´r my hero ;) Farbwerk reset - reboot - work nice
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    HWiNFO64 turns off the fan Corsair RM750i

    They're both working together. Corsair Link and HWInfo 5.71 last beta. Requirement: HWInfo starts before CorsairLink (delay 1 min) (HX1000i Fan works fine) Edit: alternative solution create batch file with: ------------- @echo off net stop clink4service net start clink4service...
  3. J

    HWinfo Vega 64 intermittent crash

    And I almost disassembled my pc already, looking for the crash, I thought the 2nd mainboard is defective
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    HWInfo show wrong HBM2 Temp

    Nice, works, god job.
  5. J

    HWINFO Interferes With Corsair Link

    My Workaround: if you launch Corsair-Link after HWINFO64, it works. Task Scheduling - Corsairlink with parameter "-startup" and 30 sec delay [attachment=2530]
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    HWInfo show wrong HBM2 Temp

  7. J

    HWInfo show wrong HBM2 Temp

    [attachment=2528] After Update AMD Crimson 17.11.2 HWInfo show Vega 64 HBM Temp always 0°. HWInfo64 5.61-3285