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    Please Help!!!! Questions on "Performance Limit - Reliability Voltage", "Performance Limit - Max Operating Voltage", "Performance Limit - Utilization"

    just getting a quick headache looking at numbers, nothing seems too odd to me, except the motherboard voltage readings that are completely off, but that must be a readout bug because it wouldn't boot with 8V insteald of 12. I'd start with having a look at the windows event viewer to see what...
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    [REQUEST] Show "Intel Gen" number

    And intel is changing CPU naming, so just sticking to codename will be enough. Intel ARK is your friend too.
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    GPU crashes while playing games and Hwinfo shows negative voltage value. PLEASE HELP!!!

    you also have over 1000A of GPU core current and 30 odd million memory errors... really weird.
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    Pump RPM reading is 4200?

    water pumps usually have a magnetic sensor to count RPM, with little magnets embedded in the impeller. For obvious balancing reasons there's two of them, so the speed signal reads two impulses per rotation. So basically the real RPM is half what HWinfo shows. It reads the raw signal.
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    HWiNFO v7.73-5380 Beta released

    Yep. no crash, no drops, everything seems perfect :)
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    HWiNFO v7.73-5380 Beta released

    it starts fine, and the Vision is detected and works in sensors
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    HWiNFO v7.73-5380 Beta released

    no, even manually it doesn't. i see a process in memory on task manager, but the main window never shows up, and Aquasuite doesn't pick up shared memory, so that background process seem to do nothing.
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    HWiNFO v7.73-5380 Beta released

    Could be my PC that's borked but, after updating, and even after restartng the PC, HWinfo does not start. A process shows up in the task manager but it does nothing and HWinfo doesn't open. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling, no luck. uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling, same. Rolling back...
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    Full CPU power consumption

    i ran a CB R23 test, my CPU is locked at 253W PL1 and PL2 and the P-cores cap at 5.3ghz, with Ecores at 4.1. No tweaking at all besides setting PL1 to 253 instead of 125W. That already gives me almost 80° on water. R23 finishes before the boost expires so a factory set 13900K would most likely...
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    Full CPU power consumption

    Well one could change the value of the sensor. when you right click it you can add a fixed value to the reading or set a correction factor. But that would be weird to do. HWinfo polls the value straight from the CPU so i don't think it can read wrong.
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    Full CPU power consumption

    Oh i didn't mean to be rude :) They don't give temperature figures, it's just the factory power specification, that's why i was pointing at them. The power limit you have is strange because to get that much power applied through you usually need a very good AIO or even custom loop cooling. From...
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    Full CPU power consumption

    Whether the value is correct or not, you shouldn't leave the power limits unlocked with an aircooler. Here PL1 and PL2 are both set to 4096W instead of 125 and 253W respectively.
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    Monitoring ASUS PciE Network Card temperature?

    heh i was about to ask the same thing for the TP link TX401 which i beieve uses the same Aquantia / Marvel chip. lm-sensors reads it fine on proxmox but HWinfo doesn't see it. Later maybe :)
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    Help with +12V line

    the scale is zoomed like crazy. what you see is very small normal variations :p
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    5950x: Which temp should I be watching?

    your lowest power draw is 59W... you should first look at reducing the load of background tasks probably, since your CPU seem to rarely idle at all. CPU usage minimum is 4.3% which is quite a lot for a 32 threads CPU. Otherwise, just look at the temp you have highlighted in green + the two CCD temps
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    What CPU temp reading is the correct one?

    Yes, the 26°C one is under the gygabyte section so it's the motherboard socket sensor. Old memories of those CPUs claiming to do sub-ambient cooling ^^
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    Is "GPU Memory Junction Temperature" accurate on AMD cards?

    uuuuuuuh... i don't know if it's that particular part number buuuuut....
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    Is "GPU Memory Junction Temperature" accurate on AMD cards?

    For Micron at least, the max operating temp is 95°C or 105°C depending on the part number, same as GDDR6X.
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    Shared Memory Support

    @tehmilcho , i shamelessly linked that topic on the aquacomputer forum as a feature request ^^' I never though of trying HWinfo remote monitoring for the dashboard but that would be pretty sweet
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    Any way to get readings from Corsair LINK hub connected devices, such as the new QX120/QX140 fans?

    well, 2400 RPM. They have the right to reach 3.8 with a bloody racket, like the old ML