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    Make HWiNFO runnable under a limited account, please!

    RunAsSpc is a program similar to RunAs Professional, and IIRC the former is free while the latter is shareware. It's also possible to run HWiNFO via Scheduled Tasks. Once a task is created it can be run from a user account, e.g. via schtasks.exe. And btw, HWiNFO uses this option to...
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    Make HWiNFO runnable under a limited account, please!

    @inbetweener You do know that you can run HWiNFO - or any other software, for that matter - under a different user account which has administrator privileges, while still running ordinary programs like a browser, games or whatever in a limited account, right? All of my systems have a strict...
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    HWINFO64 v8 not launching on Windows 7 SP1.

    Windows has a mechanism of automatically updating root certificates and that is independent from Windows Update. If a program needs to verify digital signatures (which might be the case here) it needs to be able to build up a certificate chain, up to the Root CA if necessary. Windows 7 is old...
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    (New) v8 dependencies in PE?

    According to the import table HWiNFO64 8.0 depends on four more modules: d2d2.dll, dwrite.dll, tdh.dll and pdh.dll. If you copy/integrate these into WinPE it should work. That is, unless one or more of these DLLs depend on other DLLs which are missing on WinPE. [ADD] It looks like most of these...
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    HWiNFO start without login to the PC: How to?

    HWiNFO isn't a service that starts without a user being logged on. You can change the scheduled task it creates to run independently of user logon, but then you won't see windows or tray icons from HWiNFO, i.e. it only makes sense for remote monitoring.
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    Can't get HWinfo to start properly with non-Admin User under Win10 (22H2)

    It won't work via the Task Scheduler. It's not designed to execute programs under a different user on the current user's desktop. You can achieve what you want by doing either of the following: Run runas.exe with the appropriate switches and add the /savecred switch. Reports of success are...
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    Power reporting deviation 16.8% ?

    Correct. More or less any software to put all cores under full load will do; though a game is not suited for such a task unless it fully loads all cores. It can be a program running under Windows but a Live system can also be used, e.g. with the stress command or similar. Could be a faulty...
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    Power reporting deviation 16.8% ?

    Sure, one of them is named in this thread CineBench, but you can also use Prime95, OCCT or something similar. However, I suggest you ignore the Power Reporting Deviation (for now) and...
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    NB: The second VirusTotal link says that it scanned an HTML file (31.25 KB in size), probably the one contaning the download link. It's not the same as scanning the downloaded EXE file. That explains the difference.
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    Why not 16.0 GT/s on RTX 3090?

    PCIe 3.0 has a maximum bandwith of 8 GT/s per lane. See What you see in the BIOS is the lane count (number of lanes), which is typically x16 for GPUs but may also be lower - x8 or even x4 - for lower-end cards. Regards Dalai
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    Which drive health reading is correct and accurate?

    Maybe enable "Show Welcome Screen" option.
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    Which drive health reading is correct and accurate?

    Open HWiNFO's main window and then use the Report menu item or the "Save Report" button on the toolbar. If you set HWiNFO to open only the Summary or Sensors window upon start, you need to temporarily disable this option. Regards Dalai
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    Which drive health reading is correct and accurate?

    I think you meant to write Seagate instead of Samsung.
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    PC Shuts down completely while gaming and restarts instantly

    Thanks for reporting back, and I'm glad that you could solve the issue. Honestly, I still find it weird that such a quite young PSU degraded that quickly... Even if I assume 300W for the GPU and 250W for the CPU (both are on the higher side), add the rest of the components, I consider the total...
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    PC Shuts down completely while gaming and restarts instantly

    Yes, it could be the PSU if the issue occures when both the CPU and GPU are fully loaded. It's just that PSUs from a reputable brand shouldn't make problems at the age of 3 years - though I'm aware that it can happen anyway. If you happen to have access to a computer shop around the corner or...
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    PC Shuts down completely while gaming and restarts instantly

    Although it sounds like the PSU being the culprit, I have my doubts about it. A good quality 850W PSU is plenty for such a system, especially considering that the CPU won't be fully loaded while gaming. I suggest narrow it down more to at least try to find out which component is faulty. To do...
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    Did i damage my CPU or motherboard ?

    CPUs have some safety measures to prevent them from being damaged or killed. In simple cases it just throttles. In extreme cases the system just shuts off - just like you experienced. Despite these safety features, applying high voltages for a longer period of time can (and probably will)...
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    Is it possible to check the power usage of your SATA SSD and HDDS?

    Well, indirectly it could be possible. You'd need some device that connects to the drive's SATA power plug in question. Similar to the existing power monitoring hardware for GPUs that connect to the PCIe power plugs, like the TG WireView. Such device would measure the data and provide that data...
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    64bit instead of 128bit on dual channel memory

    The screenshot you posted shows Memory information in the middle and GPU information on the right. The DRAM bus width is different from the GPU memory bus width, these are completely independent from each other. Regards Dalai
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    +12V Voltage drop !!! Is this safe or dangerous ?

    Well, check all connections to all drives/disks and if all cards are seated in their slots properly. Does the long BIOS POST occur every time or was this a one-off? In other words: Can you reproduce it? Regards Dalai