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    Append new registries in Automatic Logging

    Thank you, Martin. I have another question, however. I'm trying to implement on several computers without interfering with the users experience. I tried running it on log-in via task scheduler with a .bat run from cmd.exe and the following commands: cd "C:\Program Files\HWiNFO64\" HWiNFO64...
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    Append new registries in Automatic Logging

    Hello! I have been tinkering with the Pro version and, with help from Martin and a bit more searching online, I have been able to run HWiNFO64 automatically upon startup and to begin logging the sensors that interest me. However, the process does not append new data when I restart the computer...
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    FEATURE Supported Command-line parameters in HWiNFO64 Pro

    Please excuse my ignorance but... exactly how does one open/use the command line? I bought the Pro version to make auto-log in a couple of systems I need to monitor, I tried using cmd.exe but I tells me HWiNFO64 is not a recognized command... I'm sure I'm doing it wrong and that it must be a...