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    Truncate not working

    Thank you for your responsiveness and for such a great tool.
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    Truncate not working

    It's not working for all the items I try. Any color, background color, font, value type combination. Only when I check the "Font Auto-Scale" it truncates a tray icon. Windows 11 Enterprise 21H2 22000.438, working as user (non-admin), but indeed HWiNFO is started elevated.
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    Truncate not working

    Hi! HWiNFO64 v7.17-4670 Tray Icon "Truncate to" setting has no effect if "Font Auto-Scale" is disabled.
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    Tray Icons hidden after Update

    Hi, just registered to add to this observation. I've been fighting with this rather annoying issue for a long time now, even with the Windows 11 and the latest HWiNFO beta. It seems that when the tray icons have similar labels (tooltips), for ex. "Drive Temperature" and "Drive Temperature 2", no...