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  1. DreiPIxel

    Temps not showing for AMD NVME RAID

    sorry for necroing this old thread but for crystal disk info you need to download this . maybe something similar for hwinfo is possible.
  2. DreiPIxel

    InfoPanel - Desktop Visualisation Software

    I found a annoying bug. If in HwInfo a Custom Sensor is used, InfoPanel is Crashing HwInfo on start somehow. The Custom Sensor shows up in InfoPanel if HWinfo is started first.. if InfoPanel is started first HWinfo crashes. Edit: oh great now its not doing this anymore. i have no idea why tho...
  3. DreiPIxel

    Custom user sensors in HWiNFO

    Found the issue. its a annoying bug tho. HWinfo wont start for me if Shared Memory Support is turned on and i have a Custom Sensor setup. Using version 7.44-5100. Kinda need Shared Memory support tho :V. EDIT: issue doesnt seem to be on your side. The 3rd Party Software InfoPanel is doing that...
  4. DreiPIxel

    Custom user sensors in HWiNFO

    am i doing something wrong? when i try to make a custom sensor HWinfo wont start anymore. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HWiNFO64\Sensors\Custom\CustomDevice1\Usage0] "Name"="Core0" "Value"="max(\"Core 0 T0 Auslastung\", \"Core 0 T1 Auslastung\")" I don't see anything wrong with that.