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    DRAM power consumption reliable?

    Thank you, as always, for your speedy and helpful reply. It is a Dell XPS with a 9750H chip. The data came from CPU: Enhanced section. In this case, would you say that the memory consumption is not accurate? And, for watts, it means watt-hour? While I am here, on starting HWiNFO, a choice...
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    DRAM power consumption reliable?

    I realize that HWiNFO can only report what is available, so this post is not questioning HWiNFO's reporting of the data. Rather, is the information from the hardware accurate and reliable? In testing DDR4 16x2 vs 32x2 (different brands), I saw on average only 0.1 to 0.2 watt increase in power...
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    "Examining system information" and "detecting sensors"

    On HWINFO startup on some of my computes, I see HWINFO first showing "examining system information", then "detecting sensors" when I launch sensors. When I shutdown HWINFO and restart, the same thing repeats. These messages take some time, especially during "detecting sensors". However, on...
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    Does hiding sensors help battery/CPU utilization?

    Thank you, Martin. I enabled Profiling Time. I see that SMART takes 2-10ms while CPU is essentially zero. I have set the polling frequency to 3 cycles to try it out. The real interesting story is that the GPU takes somewhere between 8-45ms. The individual data points under the GPU, however...
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    Does hiding sensors help battery/CPU utilization?

    My observation is inconclusive, so I figure I ask here-- I am running HWINFO on a laptop and would like to minimize, if possible, its CPU utilization and therefore maximizing battery life. HWINFO is paired with Rainformer and they provide a great set of data for me. At the same time, there...
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    Sensor availability with HP Envy Ryzen 4700U

    Hi, Thanks for a great product and making it easily available for use. It is truly extraordinary. I recently received an HP Envy X360 (15-ee000) with the Ryzen 4700U processor. I noticed that there were sensors missing, including ACPI fans. With Notebook FanControl, I can sort of control...