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  1. CaptaPraelium

    False voltage reading

    Hi there :) I noticed something a little concerning last night in HWInfo. My 12V rail was being measured at 10.120V. At first I was very concerned, but upon further inspection, every other monitoring tool I used (and most importantly, the manufacturer's tool) reads the expected 12V. I guess...
  2. CaptaPraelium

    HWInfo automatically restarts

    Hi, With the automatic updates, I usually download the beta zip file, exit HWInfo from the systray by right-clicking and selecting 'Quit', overwrite the .exe with the new one, and start it up again. Today when I got the notification about the update, I tried to follow this procedure but...
  3. CaptaPraelium

    Displaying min/max/avg/current FPS

    It would seem that AB is only collecting the current values from HWInfo, via the new plugin architecture. Extracted from AB's HWInfo.log: Sensor22 Inst 0 Name RTSS Reading249 Type 8 Name Frames per Second Value 38.400002 Units FPS I do wonder if it might...
  4. CaptaPraelium

    Displaying min/max/avg/current FPS

    Ooh, a secret squirrel beta. Just when I thought I checked everywhere for new betas of AB, there's a place I didn't check haha. I will invest some time in this and let you know. Thanks so much for your advice!
  5. CaptaPraelium

    Displaying min/max/avg/current FPS

    For the reference of others: I was able to find the answer here. TL;DR use MSI Afterburner Benchmarking, and have RTSS "show own statistics' option turned on. Here is a link to the answer from the RTSS dev...
  6. CaptaPraelium

    Displaying min/max/avg/current FPS

    Hi all, first post here, please forgive me if I'm doing it wrong. I watched a youtube video today, you can see it here: You can see that he is showing in the OSD, the current, minimum, average and maximum FPS. Commenters have asked how he was able to do this...