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    Average DL & UL

    Thank you
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    probably like me, waiting for the proverbial axe! LOL z370..
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    Users, Robots on line

    is the norm to have about 1:1 robots / guests? bers online?
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    Average DL & UL

    Is having the average DL 2,243.325 kb/sec UL 170.171 kb/sec normal to see if I only turned on my PC about 3 hours ago and in this order: typed out 3 Word documents and went on 2 sites, Redditt and here? Reading only and posting 4 posts + this. Have the screen prints and video with times. My...
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    HWINFO detecting wrong RAM frequency info.. ?!

    I just noticed this same Virtual Machine Warning: Microsoft Hyper-V is active. Some results may not reflect real hardware ! Results listed below are correct. User is me and I am admin. Microsoft Windows 11 Home (x64) Build 22621.1992 (22H2) Secure Boot: Enabled Hypervisor-protected Code...