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    Shouldn't it throttle? (5800x3d)

    I recently did some benchmarking with the 5800x3d (using MSI B550 A-Pro Board)using y-cruncher. I reached 90°C (which is to be expected) and the temperature doesn't seem to increase further. Though what i find odd is that 90°C also seems to be Tjmax according to the AMD-Page though when i check...
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    How often are NVMe Temperatures refreshed?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question. But i'm currently doing a bit of testing to optimise the airflow in my case and therefore i keep looking at my NVMe Temperatures as well. However it seems like the Temperature doesn't get resfreshed as often as other Temperature sensors. I have checked the...
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    IMPORTANT Explaining the AMD Ryzen "Power Reporting Deviation" -metric in HWiNFO

    So i experimented bit with my MSI B550 R5 5600x. And i would pretty much always get 117% when running Fullload. Tried Prime (smallest), OCCT Small and different Cinebench versions. Only settings i changed are enabling Smart Acesss Memory and XMP everything else is on Stock. Bios is up to date...
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    HwInfo able to show "additional CPU Dies" (Ryzen 5600x, 5800x)?

    Okay, i know this is more a curisoty thing but is HwInfo able to show if there is are any additional dies on these CPUs? If it isn't clear what i'm talking about i'm talking about this Clocktuner seems to be able to tell, so i wonder would HWInfo report that as well? And how would it look like?
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    RX6600 No "GPU Memory Errors" monitoring?

    Hey i just updated my GPU and used to have "GPU Memory Errors" logged. However it seems to not exist for the RX6600 is this a bug?
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    CPU Core Temperature Measuring - Facts & Fictions

    Ty, that'S interesting so which temperature should be taken into account when keeping an eye on the TjMax Temperature?
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    CPU Core Temperature Measuring - Facts & Fictions

    Could someone explain the difference between the max Temperature of CPU (Tctl/Tdie) 64° and CPU CCD1(Tdie) 75° to me? I didn't notice such a big difference in temperature before. Before i took the screenshot the difference was even 15°. Is that "normal" ? Also shouldn't at least one of the...