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    OSD with dissapearing values

    I've enabled FPS OSD via hwinfo and rivatuner statisctics but when I reboot my pc this line disappears and OSD can't show it. I have to launch some 3d app, open hwinfo and re-add this to OSD.
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    Shortcuts for osd brakes windows

    So i enabled a shortcut to enable/disable os - ctrl + o, and with this, i can't type big O latter with usual combination shift + o, just nothing happens. When i disable shortcut in hwinfo, it starts to work again.
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    Wrong GPU clock report

    I've got a tiny laptop with Intel HD Graphics 615 (Intel Core m3-7Y30). When I'm playing some light games, my GPU Clock is 0Mhz and that's impossible cause default and the lowest clock is 300mhz. I've checked via GPU-Z and it reports values correctly. Anything higher then stock clock...
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    Calculate estimated Battery Life

    First of all, thx for this wonderful app and the possibility to create an OSD of the dream. I've created a full list of custom values I need to see on screen and only one thing left. Do I want to have an estimated battery time, any way to do this...