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    [Suggestion] Intel GPU Usage Breakdown

    Currently, HWiNFO only reports 'GPU D3D Usage' - which actually seems to be only the 'EU Engine Usage' - for systems using Intel's iGPUs. I would like to request a breakdown of this into various components (on supported GPUs): (1) EU Engine Usage % (2) GHAL 3D % (3) MFX Decode Usage %...
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    WHEA Count

    Martin, Can you provide more info on WHEA and what it means exactly? I have a system [ ECS LIVA One : : running Windows 10 Pro latest RTM build ] that I am monitoring via HWiNFO (latest beta), and I see...
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    Introducing : Remote Sensor Monitor - A RESTful Web Server

    Folks, I wish to introduce Remote Sensor Monitor (a small freeware Windows console application (requires .NET 4.0) that I have been developing over the last week or so) for your feedback / bug reports. v2.1.0: Release Notes: 1. Added support for AIDA64 sensor / data reporting 2. Removed...