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    Cannot install HWiNFO64 driver

    I had HWiNFO running all day without any problems. I played around with SpeedFan and AMD Overdrive and HWiNFO was still running fine. I then closed it and wanted it to open shortly after and was greeted with an error message that it can't install its driver. Is there any way to check what is...
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    HWiNFO 4.41-2265 Alert Bug

    The sensor alerts get triggered even though nothing is wrong. I have two alerts set, one for my chassis fan and one for the CPU fan. The alert for the chassis fan is supposed to kick in if rpm go below 500, for the CPU if the rpm fall below 1500 rpm. My chassis fan runs at a rather low speed...
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    HWiNFO 4.41-2265 Beta crash bug

    When setting up an alert for a sensor and deleting the predefined "notification distance" value to enter a new one, HWiNFO immediately opens a new window asking to enter an integer value. Closing this window makes HWiNFO terminate itself without warning. This seems to work for any kind of sensor.
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    HWInfo hammering hard drive

    Recently, I upgraded HWInfo from 4.14-1880 to 4.41-2260 and had to realize that the latter version (sensors only) accesses my external HDD every 500ms which is the graph update frequency I had set in the settings. Apart from the fact that the constant head movement causes quite some extra...