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    pagefile usage?

    is the pagefile usage correct? opening some stuff results in 12GB virtual and 7GB physical memory used with 24% pagefile usage windows says pagefile size is about 5GB if i understand correctly, virtual memory is physical+pagefile using 7GB of physical and 24% of 5GB pagefile should result...
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    version 5.84 missing signed driver

    trying to install the latest version tells me i'm missing a digitally signed driver 5.74 works and all the newer versions tell me to get a driver win7 64bit if it helps
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    GPU power

    I have an amd 7950 and am wondering what the various power measurements mean i'm seeing 2 power measurements for both core and memory- VRM power in and out am i correct in assuming for example the core "GPU VRM power in" is the amount of power the core VRM receives and "power out" the amount...