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    Strange vcore reading with ryzen

    Hello, I am using a ryzen 2700 on an Asus Prime x470 pro motherboard. The CPU is overclocked with an offset voltage set in bios. My problem is that hwinfo shows VID and voltages pinned to maximum values almost all the time, as you can see in this screenshot. Why are my low voltage states so...
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    Question - ASUS buggy WMI workaround

    Thank you for the quick response! Great to hear!
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    Question - ASUS buggy WMI workaround

    Hello, I scratched my head for a while, because hwinfo was reading a wrong value for 12v from my board (Asus Prime x470-pro), so I stumbled across this thread. Adding AsusWMI=0 to the file you mentioned solved this problem for me, see screenshots! The board has the latest bios installed.