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  1. zme-ul

    GigaByte GA-H170-D3H wrong voltages displayed

    comparison between GigaByte's own utility and HWinfo: HWinfo version: 5.30-2880 I also tried the latest available BETA: 5.31-2893 - no change ps: it thinks CPU Fan is Chassis FAN  :P
  2. zme-ul

    HWInfo_x64 5.04 (stable) CSV log file issues

    the CSV log file is a comma (,) separated, right? when I try to import this into LibreOffice, or even Google Docs, I get weird data: here's the CSV in question: it never happened before, am I doing something wrong or...
  3. zme-ul

    total CPU usage issue

    Hello I have an issue with HWInfo and the total CPU usage CSV log file: [attachment=420] how it looks graphically: [attachment=421] how it looks doing mathematical average over the 4 cores: [attachment=423] and how it looks with W7's own Resource Monitor: [attachment=422] (note...