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  1. wawans1975

    GPU RPM stuck at some value when MSI After Burner launched before or after HWINFO

    Hi Martin, i just noticed one sensor for RPM stuck at 734 (may be some other sensors stuck too?) and as i exit msi ab, the rpm back to 0 rpm, same as msi ab reported. Debug file, log file and screenshot attached.
  2. wawans1975

    Picasso 300u

    Hi Martin, My new laptop machine has strange readout on one sensor (red text all time) and cpu thermal trip limit (negative value), could these be fixed? Thanks
  3. wawans1975

    Ryzen CPU tj max, thermal trip limit

    Hi Martin, Just curious :) , on HWinfo64 there're infos from HWInfo64 about my Ryzen CPU tj Max, and CPU thermal trip limit, are these infos from inside the CPU? Also what the use for CPU tj Max? is it for info of maximum safe temperature? a warning before CPU start to degrade? and what CPU...
  4. wawans1975

    same type sensors alignment on OSD

    Hi Martin, Can you help me makes alignment for these cores- threads sensors OSD ? I already set max value on each cores- threads sensors align digits to max 10, but still can't align them. Thanks
  5. wawans1975

    HWinfo64 svm detection

    Hi Martin, HWinfo64 detects my CPU as no svm function, although i have enabled SVM at BIOS. Is this HWinfo64 bug? Windows Sandbox tested running btw. Thanks. Edit: CPU-Z has not detected AMD-V either  :huh:
  6. wawans1975

    Different SN and OPN detected by HWinFO64 from info on Box

    Hi Martin,  I just noticed HWinfo64 detected differently on Ryzen 5 2400G OPN and SN from sticker on box. Box were sealed on bottom and top and i got from official distro. Any change HWinfo64 detected wrong? or are there any softwares that i can use to compare? Thanks.. Edit: what the...
  7. wawans1975

    Show graph for Frames per second disappeared

    Hi Martin,  I am experiencing if started PC and play games->  No  OSD for Frames per second on screen and OSD Settings cleared for it, although I already setup OSD for Frame per second before exiting hwinfo64 > shutdown and start PC > run riva + hwinfo64 +  game.  HWinfo64 shows frame per...
  8. wawans1975

    Unit conversion

    Hi Martin, Seems HWiNFO wont except input 0,001 value for multiplier at Custom Tab when trying to convert X.XXX MB to X GB. It will return to 0. It will correctly convert from X.XXX MB to X GB if I input multiplier 0.001. I have set: 1. decimal separator to "," ;     thousand separator to "." ...
  9. wawans1975

    Problem Summary Windows size with Windows Scaled to 175%

    Hi Martin, Seems there's problem with Summary Window if Windows scaled to 175%. If remember preferences set to off it back to normal view. I only set Windows Scale to  175%, nothing else changed.
  10. wawans1975

    OSD (rtss) bug?

    Hi Martin, Seems OSD gives wrong values for sensors using rtss  7.0.0 (ex. cpu #0-16 threads usage), but in sensor status they're seems ok.  Thanks.
  11. wawans1975

    HWiNFO64 scaling

    Hi Martin, Is there a way to override HWiNFO64 display scaling?. I'd like it to stay 100% if Windows scaling to 175%. Thanks.
  12. wawans1975

    Windows hang and mouse stuttering with recent win10 build

    Hi Martin, I want you to know that with recent build win10 16251 running HWiNFO caused windows to hang at analyzing ACPI/ BIOS, also if it succeed to load HWiNFO, the mouse appear to stutter. I also update radeon software to ver 17.7.2.
  13. wawans1975

    RTSS provide frametime too

    Hi Martin, Will HWiNFO add frametime information provided from RTSS? Thanks
  14. wawans1975

    2 ITE Chip detected

    Perhaps you could help me, why after i reloaded HWiNFO several times, HWiNFO gives reading of 1 some times 2 ITE chip, but in maiboard manual layout/ spec there's no mention of second ITE chip. is it mainboard has defect, or just need updating of chipset driver? thanks again
  15. wawans1975

    A SSD detected twice

    Hi Martin, my ssd listed twice as SATA and ATA in Summary windows, hope you could solved this. Thanks.
  16. wawans1975

    set original of header text

    Hi again Martin, I have changed some headers' text and then when i want to change back to its original text by right click on header's label, choose rename on popup menu, click Set Original button, click OK button, click Save Settings and Close button, then bring backs Sensor Windows seems not...
  17. wawans1975

    Core Temp Sensors for Cores Thermal Margin

    Hi Martin, In AMD Overdrive there is Status Monitor of Thermal Margin for Core0, Core1, Core2, Core3 etc. Each values are different so I think there is may be another sensor for temp for each cores.  But in HwInfo there is only one CPU0, how come?. Thanks before. *Edit attached new picture of...
  18. wawans1975

    No IGP Utilization

    Hi Martin There are no IGP utilizations during lux mark 2.0 benchmark, but it gives score on that IGP alone :). This is happening only after wake my pc from sleep. Could you check it out?. I attached zip file of log, debug and ss of sensors windows during benchmark. Thanks
  19. wawans1975

    realtek onboard sound n cpu 0 graph

    Hi Martin I see there's no onboard realtek sound in Main Windows hardware list, and there's difference readings of CPU 0 between sensor status and it graph (different value : v440-2240: 37 c, on v441 -2265: -999.0 c), i hope you could check it.
  20. wawans1975

    Hard Drive Activity before status update

    Hello Martin, I see some harddrive activity before sensor updating the status, why? is this normal? can you make it not happening? kind of annoying, sorry..