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    "GPU Memory Usage" shows incorrect value

    Hello, [attachment=2848] This sensor seems to report an unrealistically high value. When I play games it can go up to 15 GB, while my card only has 4 GB. Windows task manager has a similar "GPU memory" option but that seems to report the correct values (even though it says X/12 GB, the X seems...
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    Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H incorrect Vcore

    I have the latest beta version, previously the Vcore sensor showed the correct values.
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    Can you add a sensor "grouping" option for RTSS/OSD ?

    Hi! It would be easier to arrange the readings on the OSD if we could just select them, name the selection (for example "GPU" for GPU sensors) and would appear that way.  MSI AB has something like this including aligned text:  [attachment=1998]
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    Enabling ADL makes the AMD Fury crash

    Hi! Just noticed that enabling the ADL support  shows additional information like VRM temperature, voltage and VRM currents, but a few seconds later the card switches to black screen and the fan runs at max speed. Latest HWINFO stable version and AMD Crimson 16.1 The crash is almost...
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    Sapphire R9 Fury - missing/incorrect sensor reading

    Hi! I noticed that HWINFO doesn't detect the voltage sensor and the GPU fan speed is bugged on the Sapphire card. The voltage sensor is being detected by GPU-Z (VDDC) but the fan reading is also buggy. I guess it's because Sapphire set the fans to stop bellow a certain temperature - HWINFO...
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    ASUS R7 260X DirectCU II OC - Missing sensors

    Hello! I know it's not a bug because this is a custom design by ASUS, but If it's posssible to add missing sensor readings like VDDC Voltage, VDDC Current I'd like to help. The reference card (in case of both 7790 and 260x) has the NCP81022 voltage regulator, ASUS used a different one...
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    A8-5600k incorrect CPU Temeprature info

    Hello! Everything is ok except the CPU/GPU temperatures, since it's an APU I know there aren't so many sensors, and they are also reporting incorrect values sometimes. In my case HWiNFO reported CPU package 100C under load, that would be impossible since max cpu temp is 74C, the CPU will...