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    Maximus XI Apex EC Sensor Monitoring causing high DPC latency

    Hi! I've recently bought a Maximus XI Apex. Everything it's fine, however when I run LatencyMon the program immediately registers spikes in latency caused by ACPI.sys. I reinstalled Windows and by means of process of elimination I discovered that enabling EC sensor monitoring in HWInfo64 is the...
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    Weird Core Effective Clock Readings after running HCI Memtest Pro 6.4 overnight (up to 2000% coverage)

    Hi! After running succesfully 16 instances of HCI Memtest Pro 6.4 until he reached 2000% coverage in order to test my RAM overclock I checked the HWInfo Sensors and I noticed these strange values under Maximum and Average readings for Core Effective Clock: could it be a bug, or is there...