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    HWinfo64 freeze

    Now that the problem with the autostart has been solved, I now have another problem. HWinfo just freezes. You can't set it to a specific scenario, but when the monitor goes into standby or runs computationally intensive programs, HWinfo freezes. I installed an NVME M.2 from Silicon Power 2 days...
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    Autostart HWinfo64

    Hello, I have reinstalled my Win 10 on an new NVME M.2 and now wanted to use the autostart function on HWinfo64 to display the core temp and water pump in the task bar when the computer was started. Unfortunately, the autostart function does not work. I always have to start HWinfo manually so...
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    HWINFO64 crash with AMD RX5500XT

    Hello, I installed a new AMD RX5500XT graphics card from MSI today. Now when I watch Youtube and open HWinfo64 at the same time, my computer crashes completely. Before I had an Asus RX580 Dual installed, HWinfo64 ran without problems. Without HWinfo64 my system runs perfectly. Is there a bug...