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    Any way to detect NVMe even if NVMe drive is not installed?

    Hi 1. I understand that unless an NVMe drive (SSD) is installed in the port, the HWInfo currently not showing it? 2. If so, is there any way to activate it somehow, without installing a drive?  Thanks
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    Per-core power consumption?

    Hi Is there any such option? Thanks
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    GPU power parameters explainations?

    Hi I see that my mobile GPU has these measurements:  - GPU Core Power - GPU Memory Power - GPU Power The "GPU Power" seems to be a lot lower than the GPU Core Power and probably it's a part of the "Core Power" What's the difference between the two reds? anyone knows? Thanks
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    Understanding GPU load numbers - what does it actually measure?

    Hi all! Long time user/dreamer In the wake of DX12 and DX12 benchmarks and all the discussions and in-depth info around them, I started to question my understanding of what do the GPU measurements actually say: 1. GPU Core Load [%] 2. GPU D3D Usage [%] 3. GPU Bus Load [%] Previously...