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    Afterburner not able to display DIMM temperature even after it shows in HWINFO Sensor window.

    Having some trouble getting Afterburner to save DIMM settings. I have added the sensors, but nothing will save.
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    Monitoring CPU Core Voltage and OSD

    You're welcome Martin. Thanks again.
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    Monitoring CPU Core Voltage and OSD

    Ok. Thanks for the prompt reply. I can see the values in CPUID ROG Edition. In HWINFO, I can see individual core values, just not the package value. Also, why is the CPU Voltage option available/visible through the Afterburner plugin setup window, but not in HWINFO's main window...
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    Monitoring CPU Core Voltage and OSD

    Hi. I can't get Afterburner to show the graph for CPU Voltage in the monitor window. Nor will it show on OSD. You can view the screenshot here: I tried to add an attachment but it didn't work. Seems unclear. 1. Choose File = Done. 2. Then what? Add...