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    HP Workstation Z440 - FANs don't show

    HP Workstation Z440: 1. Motherboard Model:   Hewlett-Packard 212B 2. Motherboard Chipset: Intel C612 (Wellsburg-G) 3. OS Windows 10 Pro 4. HWiNFO64 v5.32 for Windows (Native 64-bit) It's a problem: FANs don't show on the sensor status panel. Only GPU FAN show.
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    HDD SMART - Reallocated Sector

    There are some HDD SMART parameters about the critical situation with HDD. It is "Reallocated Sector Count", "Reallocated Event Count", "Current Pending Sector Count", "Offline Uncorrectable Sector Count". Can you do these parameters in your software?
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    Gadget (font size) and autostart

    Hello, 1. Can you do font size settings for the HWiNFO64.gadget? 2. If the autostart option doesn't work then for which purpose make a string in the startup records in the Windows registry? 3. Can you do automatically records in the task scheduler for the autostart options?
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    Problem with Chassis1 Fan after sleep

    After resume from sleep only Chassis1 Fan is zero. After restart HWiNFO64 Chassis1 Fan is Ok. If I use AIDA64 Extreme Edition I don't have this problem. Motherboard - ASUS P5K-VM OS - Windows 7 SP1, 64 bit HWiNFO - HWiNFO64