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    New gadget for HWinfo32

    Hi, I really like HWinfo32 but i think you gadget is not superb. I have founded and installed there gadget: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> I really love it, very nice, clear, graph etc. etc :P :idea: I suggest you may work...
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    MMX benchmark indicate a very low score

    Hello, here my report: (i don't know why bios is not recognize my CPU L2 cache?...) When i ran benchmark part, all is OK but only one: MMX benchmark indicate a very low score score mmx is: 55853 less as a core2duo T7400 but i have C2Q 9650... what do you think about that?? thx bye
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    Some ideas for improve the monitoring part of HWiNFO32

    hello, first, thank you very much for your great free soft, i really like very much!!! Here some ideas for improve a little bit more and why not, sell your soft in future: I really like the monitoring part of your soft, but i need some things that are not present (for now i hope :) ): - i...