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  1. JohnOrion

    Error in Tctl/Tdie temp in versions after 5.86-3480

    It would seem that versions after 5.86-3480 (5.88 and beta 5.89) do not show the temps properly for CPU temp and CPU Tctl/Tdie. I cant tell what temp is showing now seems to put both temps to the same value and they seem about 3 degrees higher than Tctl which is the 'high' very quick responding...
  2. JohnOrion

    Corsair AX760i issues (I know it's been covered but I wanted to add my issues)

    I have seen a few threads on this subject but none that seemed to quite mention the issue I'm having... though a couple are close. When I launch HWiNFO64 v532-2900 The Corsair AX760i shows up but it seems like it scans for sensors over and over for the first minute or for a set number of...