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  1. james41382

    CPU Current

    My PSU, Seasonic X-1050 (Gold), says it can put out 85A max on the 12V rail. I'm seeing the CPU Current hit 85A as a max value in HWiNFO. I've got 2 980Ti GPUs also drawing from the 12V rail. Plus the GPUs and CPU are all overclocked as far as they can go. I wonder if 12V rail is not putting out...
  2. james41382

    Memory clock question

    Hello, I have a X99-A/USB 3.1 board with a G.Skill DDR4 3000MHz kit and is set to use the XMP profile. I attached a snippet from CPU-Z and another from HWiNFO. CPU-Z shows the RAM frequency at 1500MHz, which is actually running at 3000MHz (DDR). HWiNFO shows the RAM clock at 1200MHz. Am I...
  3. james41382

    840 EVO 1TB warning/failure

    Hello, I have a Samsung 840 EVO 1TB SSD and HWiNFO is reporting warning/failure under S.M.A.R.T. in sensors; however, everything appears with green check marks in main.
  4. james41382

    Haswell-E Wattage

    Hello, I have a 5930K on a Asus X99-A/USB 3.1. The CPU is overclocked, adaptive voltage, to 4.5 GHz so under load it should be hitting at least 140W. I am not sure how to tell how much power the CPU is using from HWiNFO. In the Asus application it showed it accurately, but it's currently not...
  5. james41382

    SMART false positive

    My father has an old Asus G73JW laptop. I believe it's a first generation i7. I had him run HWiNFO because I wanted to make sure his fans were running. It's been overheating due to old TIM. He noticed that it said "failure" on one of his HDDs. I had him run CrystalDiskInfo to double check the...
  6. james41382

    Expand isn't working

    When I expand the window I get a second column, but the application isn't putting anything in it there. It's just an empty column and all the data remains in the first column. If I expand again the same thing happens. There is a third column, but it is empty! I first noticed it in the last...