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    Time for custom sensors derived from groups of real sensors?

    With CPU's like the 3990x, the amount of data given in a sensor window is pretty crazy now. Surely there can be something done to consolidate up the display from all the extraneous data of hundreds of sensors. An example that exists in the current version of HWiNFO64 is the "Core Max" sensor of...
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    Asrock X399 Slow sensor window repainting.

    Me again. This might not be the fault of HWiNFO64 but something deeper at the OS level, so excuse me if that is the case. I switched from the MSI X399 to an ASrock X399 Taichi in an attempt to get better RAM performance (it does by a wide margin) but HWiNFO64 sensor window has a very noticeable...
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    MSI X399 sensors performance

    Seems there is a pretty big hit to performance when accessing sensors on this board, no matter what I'm monitoring. If you want, here is debug file and report.
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    hwinfo (or alternative) for linux?

    I'm using linux mint to run a specific stress test program and would like to monitor sensors as it runs. I'm a bit of a linux idiot though and wanted to know if there as a hwinfo (or similar) for linux?
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    hwinfo freeze on startup

    v5.45-3075 win 8.1 x64, fully patched msi z77a-g45 motherboard, celeron g1610, 2x4GB RAM visiontek radeon r9 280X hwinfo64 freezes on startup. cant even get a summary screen, just freezes on scanning.
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    Poll different sensors at non-default intervals

    So I have an Asus Rampave V Extreme motherboard with an ASUS EC embedded sensor chip. It has some useful sensors, including ones that let you hook up a custom temperature probe to it. Unfortunately, if you poll this sensor too often, it will usually just stop responding/disappear eventually...
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    Customize sensor value based on another sensor's readout

    So I encountered an interesting bug today, not HWiNFO specific. I use the CPU Package and Total DRAM power sensors to estimate how much of a load I'm putting on my equipment and to better determine what load I'm putting on my cooling system. Well turns out that with, at least my Intel CPU, a...
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    Add keyboard shortcut to disable or hide sensors

    Sometimes my HWiNFO64 loses a few sensors for no apparent reason, other than a bad restart, or sensors reporting 0 (could just be 0 celsius, or 0 volts, 0 rpm, etc). Only way to get them back is to restore original order in the layout submenu of Sensors. Though in more recent builds, there are...
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    GTX 980 show subzero temperatures

    I'm dabbling in sub-zero liquid cooling. I noticed that my 2 GTX 980s won't report negative temperatures in hwinfo but will report them correctly in MSI Afterburner. Let me know if you need any special files from me. Here is html report, debug file, and hwinfo.ini...
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    Thousands Seperator

    I noticed there is a new "Thousands seperator". Is it possible to turn this off across all sensors instead of individually?
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    Asus Embedded EC chip get bugged T_Sensor values

    On my Asus Rampage V, I use the ASUS EC chip to report temperature value on my liquid coolant (its a wired temperature sensor that you can place anywhere. I simply taped it to the outside of the tubing and insulated it, works well). I'm not concerned about lag or CPU usage as I put it on a...
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    [New motherboard] ASUS RAMPAGE V EXTREME LGA 2011-v3 Intel X99

    Just creating this thread for now. Have not seen any queries about this motherboard on the forums yet. Will be receiving this board today though and will have some information about it later, including debugs, reports, missing/inaccurate sensors, etc.
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    [New motherboard] MSI X99S XPOWER AC, debug inside/

    Posting here to get new information stuff added to hwinfo. In addition to GTX 980's, which I've already submitted, I am now running the following NEW hardware. Samsung XP941 512GB PCI-E x4 M.2 SSD MSI X99S XPOWER AC Motherboard Intel Core i7-5960X Processor G.SKILL 4 x 8GB DDR4-3000 RAM...
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    GTX 980, need any information?

    I have 2 GTX 980 graphics cards in my system. Just wanted to know if you needed any sort of debug dumps to expose any possibly hidden sensors, or tweak existing ones to be correct.
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    MSI Big Bang-XPower II (X79) CPU fan RPM reported double of actual speed

    Basically the subject. My fan RPM is recently reporting double of the actual speed. It was correct on 2240 for a very long time (now its bugged for me on 2240), but after doing some BIOS work, the fan RPM is inexplicably showing as double of what it normally is, even though it is audibly...
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    Autostart silently?

    Don't know if this is the right place, the forum options are pretty limited. Is there a way to start hwinfo64 when win7 is booting up without the need for user intervention? I want to start hwinfo64 automatically with windows and have it so it doesn't popup anything for me to click (i.e. the...
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    EVGA nForce 790i Ultra SLI

    Older board, but never seemed to have sensors calibrated for hwinfo. I did some fishing around and everest was mentioned on evga forums. I went ahead and installed it and it seemed to show correct voltages, including a missing 12v sensor. I believe it's correct in everest because it shows...
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    Losing Radeon 5870 VRM sensors?

    Using 1660 on win7 x64. As of late, my Radeon 5870's temperature sensor for the VRM seems to randomly not display anymore. Rebooting often fixes it. The sensor isn't listed in the Sensor Display Config. In fact, all the sensors for the VRM seem to be missing for me atm.. I lost the voltage and...
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    Support more ATI sensors please!

    The title may be misleading. I'm not implying to implement reading different ATI sensors, but rather monitor more sensors at the same time. There -seems- to be a limit of, I'm guessing, 128 ATI sensors that hwinfo64 will read. I currently reach and surpass this limit on one of my machines where...
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    MSI Big Bang x79 hang, maybe SATA related

    Recently got my hands on the MSI Big Bang Xpower II (intel x79), and have had some frustrating behavior concerning when I open hwinfo64. Often when opening HWInfo64 (1550 and 1565), it will either hang at the scanning of various sensors, or it'll continue (sort of) like normal. But the hang...