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    A way to store sensor settings in user directory?

    Would it be possible to have the sensor settings (e.g. graph placements) stored in the user directory instead of registry? I find I am very frequently losing all my graph placements due to things like Windows reinstalls. It takes quite a while to set them all back up. Storing them as...
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    Reading of Corsair HX1000i?

    Hello, I recently plugged in my HX1000i to monitor its power levels etc. Before this rig, I had the same PSU plugged into my Corsair Link Commander Mini, and HWiNFO reported the values fine (as long as Link software was closed). Now I don't have the mini, but the PSU is plugged directly into my...
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    Some values misreported with ASUS X99 Sabertooth

    Hello, I recently installed the X99 Sabertooth and have noticed some things are a little off. For one, the CPU package power only goes from around 0.4W to 3.6W under full load, when in fact my 5820k has a TDP of 150W. Also, many of the fans are not reported, there's 11 headers on the board and...
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    I think my AMD R9 290X frequency is incorrectly displayed

    Hello, I love this program. However I seem to have a problem with my frequency on my AMD R9 290X. As you can see in the attached screenshot, GPUTweak shows a constant 1255MHz, while HWiNFO fluctuates madly between 1116 and 1255. At first I thought this was a thermal throttling issue, but as you...