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  1. Mr. Fox

    Row Shading

    For some reason HWiNFO row shading is no longer functioning. The sensors window does not even have gridlines. The sensor section titles and all of the sensors have a solid white background. I see this issue on my laptop (Windows 10) and my desktop (issue is present with Windows 7 and three...
  2. Mr. Fox

    SPD Checksum Errors w/ HWiNFO64 Running

    I have a Clevo P870DM3-G that has an issue with HWiNFO64. I don't know if maybe I am doing something that causes it with a box checked in the settings that needs to be clear, or whether it is is a HWiNFO64 bug, or a laptop bug. If I have HWiNFO64 running (which I usually do) and use Thaiphoon...