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    Show system time in HwInfo (RTSS)

    is this feature in pipeline? would be great to show system time without need of other programs (like MSI afterburner)
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    GPU clock speed stuck?

    Hi martin!                I've recently assembled a desktop computer few days back, I downloaded the Intel HD graphics driver from gigabyte's website (Version Everything is working fine except "GPU CLOCK" speed is struck at 598.xx mhz , It's base clock is 350mhz and supposed...
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    hwINFO64 still shows Virtual memory statistics ?

    I've laptop with windows 8.1 and 6GB of memory installed. It uses about 50% of physical memory if i open 5-6browser tabs with unity web player running. It also shows Virtual memory load , 57%! What does it means ? I've Pagefile off , i thought virtual memory relates to pagefile. Is there...
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    HwInfo for Ubuntu ?

    Hey, Any possibility to develop HwInfo for Ubuntu OS ? Thanks
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    How many watt my CPU use ?

    Hey, I have Intel i3 [email protected] in my laptop, it uses about 6.2 - 7watts when at 0-7%load. Is that normal for a mobile processor ? It just goes to 8.5 watts under 100% load! Seriously, there is only 2-3 watt differences between 0-7% usage to maximum 100%. I am really curious...
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    How to reduce HwInfo launch timings ? & Auto-start ?

    Okay, I've this program for a few days now, i am loving it. I've even sent E-mail to Filehippo to add this app to their site. Now to the point, is there any way to improve launching speeds ? I notice that it takes about 20 secs to read ATI GPU...
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    "Put computer to sleep or shutdown" when specific temperature reached ?

    Hello! I would be great if there is an option to do this. My laptop overheats frequently so it makes sense to put it to sleep instead of sudden shutdown. Could you please implement this ? Unknown GPU in my laptop overheats like there is no tommorow and force my computer to shuts...
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    What is this ? Duplicate GPU ?

    Hey guys, i am really confused about what this "GPU" is in Dell EC (embedded controller)? Temp on this "GPU" varies from 86c to 106c ( i saw 106c so far) I don't know what this GPU is for ? I mean i already have ATI GPU temps down there. As you can see my GPU is idling around 51c...