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    Could System Time be added to HWinfo pretty please?

    So people can use it in OSDs while having full screen applications open and to still be able to see system time... It's such a simple thing to have it added, Inb4 its not hardware statistic, the system time is saved in bios/eeprom and controlled by on board RTC circuit. In situation where...
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    HWinfo does not display "/" symbol in OSD Custom Label and Custom Unit

    The symbol "/" "slash" Solidus Unicode number: U+002F Does not display in OSD when entered in Custom Label for Custom Unit fields. When i enter it in Custom Label or Unit field it can be typed in but it wont shop up on OSD.
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    Is it possible to duplicate a statistic and display in two different places on OSD?

    Problem. I want to display say, GPU usage in first row and first column of my OSD. I also want to display GPU usage graph. If i turn it on, it by default shows next to the GPU usage statistic on OSD. Because of that, the whole 1st row becomes as tall as the "height" parameter of GPU usage...
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    Show OSD Graph without current value? Display stat name on top of graph?

    Is it possible to display OSD graph and only the graph, no value of stat displayed (its showing on right side of the graph)? Asking for this because i would like to form a grid of graphs and cant do that when values are in the way. Also, is it possible to display stat name on top of graph...
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    Could we ask for a max (total) physical/graphic/virtual memory stat?

    Right now in HWinof we have a % based usage of memory (be it DRAM, RAM or Virtual Memeory), we also have current used memory and how much of memory is still available  but as far as i can see there is no a stat that would show systems total memory (RAM, GPU, Virtual). Would it be a big...
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    Is it possible to align OSD to right?

    By default OSD when using HWinfo and RTSS is aligned to the left. Is it possible to align it to right? Because left alignment looks great when OSD is on left corner of screen but when moved to right corner it looks kind of weird. My OSD uses row/column positioning already to order stats in...
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    Cant disable "Main window" anymore with HWinfo 5.70-3300 x64?

    To begin with, my setting are: Disabled: Show System Summary on Startup Show Sensors on Startup Enabled: Minimize Main Window on Startup Minimize Sensors on Startup Minimize Sensors instead of closing In the last version 3280, with exactly same settings sensors would silently open...
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    [Suggestion/Request] System time in OSD (RTSS)

    Can we please have it? Such simple statistic, people who need it will use it, those who dont want can turn it off. Its useful when you run full screen app with OSD  and system clock is not visible.