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    HWiNFOMonitor and HWiNFO64 4.45 ff. changed interface / config[solved, may be closed]

    It seems that HWiNFO64 behind version 4.44 has changed shared memory interface. So the id's from HWiNFO64 in versions behind 4.45_2320 don't refer to the older ones and it's expensive to restore the layout of HWiNFOMonitor to that before. Are there some suggestions to convert the configuration...
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    sensor alerts min and max value an run a program

    If configured "Run a program" in sensor alerts is there at program environment a variable, that has the value of the alerted sensor ? My intention is to run one program if the value of monitored sensor reaches the maximum and another program if the sensor reaches the minimum value. best regards...
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    External hot plugged disk confuses individual sensor names [solved, may be closed]

    1st thanks for your great software ! I have a problem by using it with hot plugable disk drive. The disk is only plugged to computer some times for backup. I configured individual names for sensors without the disk and all works fine. After plugging the external (eSATA-)disk to computer this...