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    Where have information about HWINFO Settings ?

    HWINFO settings has several options. Where have information about all settings ? Thanks for reply.
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    Is possible tray icons change type of value when values are high ?

    If selecting GPU Clock Frequency in tray icon when in idle the frequency is 400 MHz not having enough space will be displayed in little size and when frequency reach 1,1 GHZ will be displayed 1100 MHZ being little size being hard to read. Is possible example GPU Card in idle is 400 MHZ and tray...
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    HWINFO 6.20 X64 when power on from suspend the program close

    In Windows 10 RS5 1809 64 bits Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 AMD FX-6300 4 GB RAM GeForce GT 640 when entering suspend power mode S3 and after power on the program and the icons in trayicon are closed. Have any option to avoid that problem ? Today I will try to post here an log file. Have a nice day.
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    REQUEST Memory Compression values

    Windows 10 use memory compression. Example now is 539 MB compressed using a buffer 158 MB. I not see any utility that has option to display in trayicon the values for the buffer and all memory compressed. Thanks for read my post and has a nice day.
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    How to confgure trayicon to display few numbers for RAM usage and others values ?

    When selecting RAM Usage and CPU Clock frequency to be displayed in trayicon both use values that use a litle font being hard to read. Example RAM usage 1400 MB CPU Clock 3500 MHZ Is few space in tray to display values with much numbers. Is possible configure to be displayed in trayicon RAM...