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    HWiNFO v7.00 released

    I'm a programmer, self-employed, both of my PCs are used for work for other companies, but no part of my duties requires HWiNFO (I'm using it just to make sure the machines work and to check what's inside). Do I need a Pro license?
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    [Request] Add maximum memory channels info

    Maybe there's a vendor specific way to do it. I've just checked and AIDA reports it under "North bridge" properties on Intel platforms (don't have currently any way to test it with AMD). Or maybe it would work with a hardcoded list of north bridge - "available channel" pairs? BTW, on my X79...
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    [Request] Add maximum memory channels info

    I often stumble on this when I somebody asks me to check his notebook - I can check how many memory channels are currently used but for some reason no hardware inventory tool displays how many channels can be used. This would be really helpful, because often it's the first thing people can do...
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    Taking screenshots in HWiNFO for DOS

    Hi, How can I take screenshots in HWiNFO for DOS? Can't find anything in the documentation except for logging the screens, but I've seen on the Internet screenshots of HWiNFO taken on real machines (not emulated/virtualized).