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    GPU temperatures

    Hi , all my gpu temperatures are meausring the same on aida 64 stability test . the temperatures are right ? I wish that the core and memory temperatures was accurate , there are meausiring the same so I don´t know if they are . GPU model : XFX RX 580 GTS XXX 4gb
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    GPU utilizationm bug on last driver

    Hi ,  My gpu is showing wrong gpu utilization and clock on last AMD drivers but on windows is showing the right usage and amd software is showing right clocks . AMD software shows right clocks but shows wrong usage too , so Window is the only thing that shows corret usage of the GPU is this...
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    HWinfo stop responding with AV on

    hi ,  HWinfo is stoping responding when is analising the hardware with AV on , I have the ESET AV and I use AMD hardware .  I already add hwinfo location and exe. to the exclusion of the AV but same thing happens ... only disabling the AV the software opens without any problem .