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    Biostar X370GTN: Motherboard slots are incorrect

    Just re-checked with the newest version 5.89.3525: It says that my Biostar X370GTN, a Mini-ITX board, has 2xPCI and 8/1/1 x1/x4/x16 slots. I think reality disagrees with this: ;)
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    Asus Crossblade Ranger: some sensors have weird values

    (hwinfo64 v5.53-3175) Here I have an Asus Crossblade Ranger. It shows strange values in the section "ASUS CROSSBLADE RANGER (Nuvoton NCT6791D)". The values of Temp2, Temp3, Temp4 and Temp5 are always extremely high (just have a look at the minimum and maximum values), regardless if the system...