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  1. tgp1994

    HWiNFO64 6.30.4240 reliably crashes on system resume from sleep

    I've been having a bug for several stable releases now, the latest being 6.30, where HWiNFO64 predictably crashes when I resume my PC from sleep. The Windows Application Event Log captures two separate Application Errors, those being: and I have a debug log zipped & ready to go, but I'd...
  2. tgp1994

    Could HWiNFO be causing a 0xD1 BSOD?

    Recently (about June 1st it seems), I've come back to my computer in the evening to find it locked up with black screens and the CPU fan running at full speed. When I reboot, I find that a bugcheck had occurred, being a 0xD1 DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error. Upon further digging, it seems the...
  3. tgp1994

    [Request] Auto-update capability

    I apologize if this is a frequently requested feature, although I'd like to put my own request in too. As the Q&A states; This is a great reason to have auto-updating built in to the program. From a UX persepctive, I think it would be great if it works like the installer where it will ask...
  4. tgp1994

    AMD R9 270x temps reported incorrectly/glitchy

    Hi everyone, I've been seeing an issue lately where my GPU temperatures are reported strangely. Firstly, it seems like HWiNFO reports them at least 15 degrees celsius below where they're supposed to be. The screenshot below shows a concurrence between Valley Benchmark and the iTurbo...