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  1. JimmyD

    WHiNFO start problem

    Hi HWiNFO stops working during the checking of the sensors. The last working version I found is the 5.06-2640. I tried using the latest beta release (5.11-2706) but also here HWiNFO cannot show sensor window. My steps to reproduce the issue: Start HWinOF on Windows 10 x64. Select...
  2. JimmyD

    Some info is missing after upgrading to Windows 10

    Hi First of all tnx for the best hardware monitor sollution software. Yesterday I upgraded my Windows version to Windows 10 and found that 'gpu d3d memory dedicated' is missing. I have a AMD Radeon R9 290X (driver version 15.20-150602a-184226E). Is Windows 10 not supporting the way...
  3. JimmyD

    Hardware Monitor Applet for Logitech LCD

    Hi Guys I'm proud to announce you the new Hardware Monitor Applet. This applet was previously build only to support Open Hardware Monitor. But in this release, support for HWiNFO is added. The changelog of this release is: Renamed application from 'Open Hardware Monitor Applet' to...
  4. JimmyD

    Missing Temperature and Core ratio for one core

    Hi First of all HWinFo is the best monitor in the world. Great update circle. But found some missing data. My CPU (Intel Core i5-4670K) has four cores. But the temperature and the ratio has only three values. When I look in another monitor tool (Open hardware Monitor) there are four cores...