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  1. Millensimus

    Different VCCIO and VCCSA values

    Why would there be a .15 to .2 V difference in the values for VTT/VCCIO and VCCSA being reported by a) the motherboard (MSI Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon) and b) its NUC126 controller? (There's only one *actual* voltage for each of these, right?) [attachment=3116] Looks like BIOS is reporting the...
  2. Millensimus

    Core clocks window crops off half the cores

    [attachment=3114] ...and there doesn't seem to be a way to resize this window. Tried the beta too; no change. I've had an i3-8350K installed in this system before - could that somehow have saved a "preference" to have that window show only 4 cores?