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  1. Davidinlv82

    HWiNFO64 Hanging

    Hey so I dunno what the hell happened but today all of a sudden HWiNFO64 is hanging when trying to detect ATA/SCSI Drives, the problem started when I rebooted windows and HWiNFO loaded just fine except that it wouldn't load the Drive Temps for all of my drives. It seemed to load the usage and...
  2. Davidinlv82

    Suggestion: Window or Theme color change

    I was wondering if it was possible to get a dark HWiNFO theme or color instead of all white, it's pretty bright and I tend to like darker themes or UI. A lot of software developers are moving to this trend and I like it as I don't like having so many bright white windows in my face. I know a lot...
  3. Davidinlv82

    Random unknown sensor?

    Never seen this sensor before, just randomly showed up.......
  4. Davidinlv82

    Just updated and now issues

    OK first thing is I just updated a few days ago to the newest windows update, since then I have been having issues. After getting the new update installed to my system it's pretty custom for me to use windows clean up to remove the older version of windows and to a system reinstall for a...
  5. Davidinlv82

    Suggestion: change network traffic...

    Is there a way to change the way the download and upload rates are shown? You have in KB/s but I would like to have the option to change that to Mbps so I'm not constantly having to do math to make sure my computer is downloading at the speed I'm supposed to be getting. The conversion is easy...
  6. Davidinlv82

    Corsair Vengeance DDR3 2400MHz

    Do these ram not have temperature readings? I upgraded my old ram which was PNY 1866 DDR3 and it did but the corsair doesn't show temp readings at all and they are being actively cooled but still want to monitor the temps